Special Guests & Banquet

LOCATION: Williamson Banquet Room
RECEPTION: Saturday 5:30 - 7:00 pm
BANQUET: Saturday 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Special Guests

Trevor Marhsall

Trevor Marshall

Trevor is a lifelong model railway enthusiast who enjoys all aspects of the hobby. He has built models, permanent layouts, exhibition layouts and modules in a variety of scales and gauges including HOn30, HO, Sn2, S, On2, On30, O/Proto:48, live steam in 1:19 and 1:13.7, and a full-size replica of a Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes water crane, used by the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad and Museum.

Trevor regularly writes about the hobby, and his articles have appeared in Railroad Model Craftsman, Model Railroader, Model Railroad Planning, Garden Railways and other publications. In 2010 he launched The Model Railway Show, a podcast with co-host Jim Martin and Technical Director Chris Abbott. He's also host on TrainMasters.TV.

When not working on model railways, Trevor runs his own professional writing services business. He’s also teaching his two border collies to herd sheep. Keep up with his activities on his Port Rowan in 1:64 S scale layout on his blog, http://themodelrailwayshow.com/cn1950s/.
Lance Mindheim

Lance Mindheim

Lance Mindheim is owner of The Shelf Layouts Company, a custom model railroad building and design firm. He speaks nationally at a variety of prototype modeling conferences and is author of numerous articles for the model railroad press.

His books include How To Build a Switching Layout, How to Operate A Modern Era Switching Layout, and How to Design A Small Switching Layout.

Lance currently has HO layouts based on contemporary CSX Miami Downtown Spur and Los Angeles Junction railroading as well as a new N scale Brooklyn Terminal switching layout.

An engineering graduate of Purdue University, he is a strong believer in the value of simplicity when it comes to model railroad design. Visit his website at www.shelflayouts.com and follow his blog at https://lancemindheim.com. He's also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lance.mindheim.

Receiption and Banquet

The banquet, held Saturday evening, is always one of the highlights of the convention. In addition to an excellent BBQ dinner, we will hear NMRA President Charlie Getz and Trevor talk and announce the contest and raffle winners. Who knows, there may even be some additional surprises in store! And don't forget - we'll also get a sneak preview at the 2019 Lone Star Region convention!

The cost of the dinner is included in full adult and minor (6-17) registration fees. If you have child under 6 would like to receive a dinner as well, make sure you purchase additional banquet ticket(s) for them. (Likewise, the Saturday Day Pass does not include a banquet ticket.)

And don't forget - we'll have a reception before the banquet Always a great time, opportunities to renew frendships and make new ones.


What’s Next? Some Thoughts on the Hobby’s Future
Trevor Marshall

For many of us, the hobby is more than a way to kill time. It’s a lifelong journey of friendships and learning. We love this hobby - and many of us wonder how we can encourage more people to join us as railway modeling enthusiasts. In particular, we wonder how we’re going to reach younger people.

Based on experience in his professional life as a corporate speech writer, Trevor has garnered some insights into the demographic known as The Millennials. He’ll share thoughts on how we connect with a cohort that has never known a world in which the Internet did not exist, and who many dismiss - wrongly - as being "more interested in playing games on their phones than in building things.” Trevor will also offer some suggestions about how we make our hobby relevant to more people - especially these Millennials - at a time when few people encounter real trains on a daily basis.