LOCATION: High Tech Conference Room
ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday 4:00 pm
JUDGING: Friday 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
PICK-UP: Saturday 9:30 pm
The Contest Room
The contest room is a highlight of every model railroading convention. It's easy to be amazed at what your fellows modelers have created, but it's also a great opportunity to learn, to push yourself to grow as a modeler, and to show the world what a great hobby this is.

Win or lose, the feedback you can get from your entries can be a great way to learn how to build the best quality models possible.

There are a broad range of categories to choose from, so why not participate and help this year be the best ever? Get out those hobby knives, soldering irons, cameras and crocheting needles and get creative!

In addition to the awards for each category, there are a number of special awards from Best Tree to awards for the best logging-themed module. See the contest rules for the full list. On top of that, our special category for this year's convention is the Peanut Butter Lid! The entry can be anything that fits on top of a standard 3 1/2" peanut butter lid - and the judges will be checking to make sure you don't go outside of that space!

If you have any questions or feedback about the contest, please contact the LSR Contest Chairman, Loren Neufeld, MMR.

Good luck!


Rules, entry forms, and judging forms are at the bottom of this page.


Steam Locomotive Includes any model of a locomotive that ran off of steam from the “Tom Thumb” to the “Big Boy” and all the wheel arrangements between. Remember it has to be powered and able to run.
Diesel Locomotive Includes any model of locomotives that ran off of diesel power from a little industrial switcher to a DD-40X. Just like the Steam Locomotive category this entry has to be powered; see the official rules for more detail.
Traction or
Other Locomotive
Any other locomotive, be it electrically powered or some other type of power that doesn't fit into the Steam or Diesel categories.
Passenger Cars All types of passenger revenue carrying equipment, including RDC, rail buses, observation, mail and baggage. Basically if it was used to carry passengers, it counts.
Freight Cars All freight revenue carrying equipment, including express reefers, box cars, gondolas, and so on. If the railroads used it to carry freight and generate revenue it’s legal. If a load is included it is not judged as part of the model.
Cabooses All types of caboose and cabin cars including bobbers, drovers, transfers, and so on.
Maintenance of Way Non-revenue, right-of-way and track maintenance vehicles, rail and inspection cars, railroad cranes, snow removal and other cars not considered directly involved in railroad revenue service.
Structures On Line On-line structures are considered those to be normally owned by the railroad such as stations, yard buildings, bridges, and so on. This category also includes buildings having rail loading/unloading facilities on the right of way. If scenery extends past the building drip line it must be entered in Displays and not this category.
Structures Off Line Off-line structures are those not needing direct rail access. Again, if scenery extends past the building drip line it must be entered in Displays and not this category.
Bridges & Trestles Any type of railroad bridge or trestle traversed by trains.
Displays/Modules Models or modules which include supplemental scenery. For a model to be in the display/module category, the scenery elements are not pertinent to the function of the model or primary structure. The display/module can be an "On Line" or "Off Line".
Favorite/Complete Train Due to the mixture of model types and motive power, this is a non-judged category. A plaque and ribbons will be awarded based on popular vote.


Photo of a Model: (Categories)
  • Black and white print
  • Color print
Photo of a Prototype: (Categories)
  • Black and white print
  • Color print
Computer-Enhanced Photo (any type)

Arts & Crafts

Railroadiana Arts or crafts (not a model or photo) that has a railroad motif. Can be from a kit (which includes plans, instructions and materials), pattern (where the material is acquired separately), or an original design.
Needlework Arts or crafts where the entry is a type of stitching (knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, sewing, etc.)
Special Theme:
Arts or crafts that exemplify the special theme this year, which is "eagle". This could be anything from a painting to woodcarving to needlepoint. Be creative!
General Arts or crafts that do not fit into the other arts and crafts categories.


Peanut Butter Lid

Rules and Forms

Here are the contest rules and entry/judging forms for the various categories (PDF format):



Arts & Crafts

Also check out the guide for the writeup that should accompany model entries.